Hayward surpasses 2020 emission reduction target, on track to meet 2025 goal

January 26, 2021

According to Hayward’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for 2019, completed earlier this month, Hayward achieved a 25.7 percent reduction in overall GHG emissions compared to 2005 levels. This reduction exceeds Hayward’s 20 percent reduction goal ahead of schedule and puts the City on track to meet its goal of a 30 percent reduction by 2025.

The most dramatic emission reduction identified in the 2019 report occurred in the Electricity sector, which has seen a 93 percent decrease since 2005, thanks in large part to Hayward’s carbon-free electricity provided by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) and PG&E.

The Transportation and Natural Gas sectors remain the largest and least-changed emission sectors, identified as the source of 86 percent of the City’s total 2019 emissions, yet experiencing only a 15 percent reduction from 2005 levels. What reduction has occurred can be attributed to increases in automobile fuel efficiency standards and the growing popularity of electric home appliances like induction stoves and heat pump water heaters, which are more cost effective and safer than their natural gas equivalents.

To reach carbon neutrality by 2045, City operations and the Hayward community will need to continue to cut their carbon footprint by reducing their reliance on high-emission appliances and vehicles. For ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, check out these Hayward-recommended sustainable new year’s resolutions.