Sustainably spruce up your yard with BAWSCA online landscaping classes

July 28, 2020

The Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency’s (BAWSCA) landscaping class series has moved online. Hayward community members now have access to on-demand tips and tricks for sustainably enhancing their gardens.

According to Save Our Water, an average of 30 to 60 percent of water use in California occurs outdoors -- but smart actions in the yard can yield big reductions on water bills and water waste. Adjusting sprinklers and fixing leaks alone can save 15 gallons every time you water, and thoughtful landscaping can achieve even more.

BAWSCA classes offer conservation tips plus guidance about water conscious species, gardening techniques, and more. Classes are typically held in the spring and fall at various sites around the Bay Area, including Hayward City Hall. However, this past spring, classes were brought online and their recordings have been made available to all community members for year-round viewing.

Topics range from harvesting rainwater, to creating drought tolerant gardens, to summer landscaping essentials and pest mitigation. Each virtual class is free, about 90 minutes long, and led by a knowledgeable, experienced instructor.

Visit to browse BAWSCA’s library of class recordings. For more sustainable landscaping resources, visit