EBCE launches “Resilient Home” program, providing access to discounted solar and battery backup home energy upgrades 

September 22, 2020

Through East Bay Community Energy’s (EBCE) new “Resilient Home” program, Alameda County homeowners can now take advantage of preferred pricing when investing in solar and battery backup systems. Participants can also receive incentives when they agree to share their excess solar-generated energy with EBCE, helping to increase the resiliency of the entire grid.

Solar panels provide homeowners a way to generate emission-free energy, benefitting the environment and yielding long-term utility bill savings. Battery backup systems store the excess energy generated by solar panels, providing customers a reliable power source in the event of an outage, whether due to a planned PG&E shutoff or a disaster.

Batteries also provide larger grid-level benefits when customers agree to share their stored energy with their electricity provider. This is because the additional energy increases the grid’s reliability. Participants in the Resilient Home Program who opt to share their battery-stored energy with EBCE can receive a $1,250 incentive – helping further offset the installation costs.

The Resilient Home program is intended to help eligible participants access these often cost-prohibitive upgrades – but every site’s specific system requirements and associated pricing is different. Those interested in participating are encouraged to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation site evaluation to determine the best sized system for their specific home, as well as a pricing estimate.  

The Resilient Home program launched on July 30, 2020, and will only accept new participants while space is available. Those interested in learning more or signing up should visit Interested residents are also encouraged to attend EBCE’s informational workshops about the program, hosted on Sept. 24, Sept. 29, and Sept. 30.