Explore the world from home with these distance learning activities

September 22, 2020

More children than ever are distance learning, but there are still ways to keep them close to the environment. These virtual resources and activities have been designed to help students explore the world from home.

Neighborhood Bingo

Bay Area nonprofit Grassroots Ecology has created a series of nature activities, including Neighborhood Biodiversity Bingo, to help students expand their nature knowledge. Available in both English and Spanish, these bingo cards can be brought along on an adventure through the neighborhood, a local park, or your backyard. East Bay Regional Parks District has also developed a series of digital learning resources, which includes their own nature bingo, plus other educational games.

Nature Journaling  

Nature journaling is another distance learning activity students can use to hone in on their scientific and artistic skills. Sketching and labeling a living organism, and thinking about where it lives and what it needs to survive, is a free and simple educational activity. Alternatively, students can jot down a poem about the weather, climate change, or sustainability.

Observe Wildlife

Local wildlife facilities like the Oakland Zoo are offering access to virtual cameras so that their exhibits can be enjoyed from home. Students can observe animal interactions, their habitats, and their diets to gain a greater understanding of wildlife around the globe.

Water and Waste Study

Students can become sustainability specialists by studying their own water usage and waste generation around the house. Collect data on how many times the shower, bath, faucet, toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, hose, and sprinklers are used in a day. After that, take a look in the waste bin and record what items are being disposed of and whether they are in the right bin. Brainstorm ways to reduce water usage, waste generation, and incorrect waste sorting. Visit these resources for more information about water conservation and the importance of proper waste sorting.