Submit a Public Records Act Request to the City of Hayward

The public’s right to access information concerning the conduct of the people’s business is a fundamental and necessary right. A record shall not be withheld from disclosure unless it is clearly exempt under applicable laws, or unless the public interest served by not making the record public clearly outweighs the public interest serviced by disclosure of the record.

Per the Master Fee Schedule, the cost for duplicating records is 50 cents/page for the first 10 pages, 10 cents/page thereafter, and the additional cost of postage if applicable. If the records sought are available in electronic form, there is no charge.

For more information on accessing public records please call or email the City Clerk's office at or (510) 583-4400

To submit a Public Records Act Request for the City of Hayward visit our new GovQA Portal below: 

City of Hayward Public Records Act request

Document Archives: 

The following public records are accessible to the public through Laserfiche WebLink:

  • City Council Agenda Reports 2000-present
  • City Council Minutes 1950-present
  • City Council Resolutions 1975-present
  • City Council Ordinances 1980-present
  • Housing Authority Minutes & Resolutions
  • Planning Commission Minutes 1990-present
  • Redevelopment Agency Resolutions 1998-2012
  • Redevelopment Successor Agency Resolutions 2012-present
  • Hayward Public Financing Authority Resolutions 1989-present

Legislative Documents (06/2013 - Present)

The following public records are accessible to the public through LegistarLink:

  • City Council Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions, and Ordinances
  • Planning Commission
  • Council Airport Committee
  • Council Appointed Officers Committee
  • Council Budget and Finance Committee
  • Council Economic Development Committee
  • Council Sustainability Committee
  • Council Technology Application Committee
  • Successor Agency Oversight Board