Permit Center

The Permit Center is a “one-stop” location in City Hall for the review of development projects and building plans. Representatives from Planning, Building, Engineering, Landscape and the Fire Department are on hand to answer questions and assist you with your project. 

Building, Planning and Non-Construction permits, handouts, forms and more. 

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Adherence to social distancing guidelines and occupant limitations are still in effect and visitors will be required to wear a mask while in the building. For your convenience, plan review applications and permit issuance will continue to be accepted via online (use the button above). For building permit assistance, please contact a Permit Technician at (510) 583-4005 or click on the button above to contact us.

For more information and updates on COVID-19, please visit:

At the Permit Center:

  • Application for land use permits and construction, demolition and encroachment permits may be made at the Permit Center;
  • Minor permits (termite repair, window replacement & re-roofing etc.) are frequently issued over the counter in a single visit to the Permit Center;
  • There is a self-help area where you may research zoning and permitting history of a building or project;
  • Many records can be copied for a nominal charge.

A person drawing a plan on a dry erase boardPermitting Process

We know the process can seem daunting, but don't worry, we have a guide that tells you how to get from permit application to approved permit and all the steps and options in between.

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A hammer laying on top of building plansBuilding Documents

There are many forms and applications associated with the permitting process. Get everything you need here.

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Building plans

Planning Documents

On the Planning Documents page you will find the Hayward General Plan, along with & 16 Neighborhood Plans and much more.

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A house with solar panelsPermit Center Programs

We offer special permitting programs to help you expedite the permitting process. Including our special Solar Tuesdays.

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A news cameraNon-construction Permits

Not everyone is here to build a house! Check out our comprehensive list of all other permits offered by the City of Hayward.

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A person using a laptopOnline Services

Schedule an inspection, check review status, review permit history, and view plan check comments with a click of a mouse!

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Adopted building codes enforced in Hayward

Please see the Hayward Municipal Code on the City’s website for all local amendments and other ordinances that may have an impact on your project.


The primary building codes and local amendments to the codes are noted here below:

  • 2019 California Building Code
  • 2019 California Residential Code
  • 2019 California Electrical Code
  • 2019 California Plumbing Code
  • 2019 California Mechanical Code
  • 2019 California Energy Code
  • 2019 California Green Building Standards Code “CalGreen”
  • The City of Hayward Reach Code*

The California codes are now published for free online. The current version of the building code can be found on the California Building Standards Commission website. The current Energy Code and instructional material can be found on the California Energy Commission Website.


*The City of Hayward Reach code is a local Green Building Ordinance adopted in early 2020 that prohibits natural gas use in newly constructed homes. This gas ban also applies to detached ADUs that are over 400 square feet. For high-rise residential (as defined by the Energy Code), and commercial projects, there is a mixed-fuel option that allows gas if other efficiency measures are met. The Reach Code also expands the requirements in CalGreen for EV charging infrastructure.


To learn more about the Reach Code and to find a checklist specific to your project type, please see the City of Hayward website here:


Permit process and current codes

Over the counter permits


Most permits issued by the City of Hayward are “over the counter” (same day or processed within 24 hours). Common over the counter permits include standard building maintenance items such as window replacements, water heater installations and reroofs. Most projects that require plans are not issued over the counter.


However, there are some exceptions noted below:

  1. Permits will almost always be issued over the counter for the following standard projects that do not require plans: Re-roofing, water heaters, basic window replacements (like for like), stucco /siding replacement, minor non-structural repairs, emergency repairs, minor electrical work, basic non-structural bathroom and kitchen remodels that do not change the layout of the dwelling, and similar work.
  2. Like-for-Like Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels: As long as existing bathroom or kitchen remodels remain within the same room and do not involve any wall removal, these drawings can be prepared by a homeowner along with our Residential Kitchen Remodel and Residential Bathroom Remodel handouts. These permits will usually be issued the same day as the application is processed.
  3. Permits may be issued over the counter (same day or processed within 24 hours) for some projects that require plans if the scope is minor and the code requirements are clearly shown on an accurate set of drawings. This is at the discretion of the Plan Checker and depends on the drawings being prepared by a qualified designer. Some examples include: Non-structural kitchen and bathroom remodels that change the floor plan, minor alterations to rooms such as adding closets or relocating non-bearing walls (or similar work), minor gas piping work and most sign installations. 

Permit Process and Current Codes

Plan review fees and inspection fees


Fees for tenant improvements, remodels, additions and new buildings are based on valuation. Other permits are flat fees.


To estimate your fees for your project, please see our online fee estimator here:


To see fees that are not covered by the fee estimator, please view the Master Fee Schedule here:


Permit Process and Current Codes

Inspection process


Requests for building inspections must be made before midnight to be scheduled for following day. For example, to have an inspection on Tuesday, the inspection must be scheduled before 11:59 p.m. on Monday. 


Contact the Permit Center for more information about scheduling an inspection: | (510) 583-4140


Permit Process and Current Codes

Digital Submittal Process:

  1. First, complete a permit application, which you can find here:
  2. Next, submit your plans with the permit application as a PDF to this email address: Please note the property address in the subject line. If you have large file sizes, please use an FTP site or drop box link. Please group the plans into a single PDF just like you would do for a printed set of plans. Page 5 of 7 Hayward City Hall 777 B Street Hayward CA, 94541-5007 Phone: 510-583-4140 Website: Permit Center Hours: Please see website for operating hours
  3. Once your plans are screened for completeness, a Permit Technician will get back to you with the fees due for review and a target date for completion. 

Permit Process and Current Codes