Permit Center

The Permit Center is a “one-stop” location in City Hall for the review of development projects and building plans. Representatives from Planning, Building, Engineering, Landscape and the Fire Department are on hand to answer questions and assist you with your project.

At the Permit Center:

  • Application for land use permits and construction, demolition and encroachment permits may be made at the Permit Center;
  • Minor permits (termite repair, window replacement & re-roofing etc.) are frequently issued over the counter in a single visit to the Permit Center;
  • There is a self-help area where you may research zoning and permitting history of a building or project;
  • Many records can be copied for a nominal charge.

Unfamilar with the permitting process?

We know the process can seem daunting, but don't worry, we have a guide that tells you how to get from permit application to approved permit and all the steps and options in between.

Learn more about the permitting process >

Online Resources

For your convenience, we have a wide variety of resources available online. If you can't find what you are looking for here please feel free to either come into the Permit Center during business hours or give us a call. We'd be Happy to assist you. If you cannot find what you are looking for here please give us a call at 510.583.4005.

Applications and Forms

There are many forms and applications associated with the permitting process. Get everything you need here.

Technical Handouts

Our technical handouts will give you a look at what requirements you will need to meet for various projects.

Submittal Checklists

These checklists will help you make sure that all of your paperwork is in order before you submit - saving you time!

Non-Construction Related Permits

Not everyone is here to build a house! Check out our comprehensive list of all other permits offered by the City of Hayward.

Planning Documents

On the Planning Documents page you will find the Hayward General Plan, along with & 16 Neighborhood Plans and much more.

Online Services

Schedule an inspection, check review status, review permit history, and view plan check comments with a click of a mouse!



Fast, Friendly, and Simple

Over the Counter Solar Tuesdays

Thanks to our dedicated and dynamic Permit Center Team, the City of Hayward now offers an expedited process for issuing residential solar permits. Over the Counter Solar Tuesdays, launched on September 23rd, was developed in order to streamline the permitting process for residential customers, for small residential rooftop solar energy systems. Such ordinance will be presented to Council during the first half of next year. Previously, those residential properties installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system had to wait up to 15 business days for permit application approval or review. With this new expedited process, applicants can receive an over the counter plan review every Tuesday morning from 9:00 to Noon. If customers are not able to make it during those hours, they can drop off their plans and these will be taken in for an expedited 5 (versus previous 15) business day turnaround. Our major customers, such as Solar City, are very appreciative of our new process and have staff here every Tuesday with up to a dozen permit applications at a time.

Solar PV panels provide clean – green energy. During electricity generation with PV panels, there are no harmful greenhouse gas emissions, making solar PV an environmentally friendly choice.

Simply come by the One Stop Permit Center located on the first floor of City Hall, 777 B Street, every Tuesday between 9:00 a.m. and noon.


As a convenience to our customers and a means of providing greater flexibility and a more efficient and consistent level of inspection services, the City of Hayward’s Building Division would like to offer contractors or developers with the opportunity to participate in the Supplemented Inspection Program.  Click on link below for more information.

Supplemented Inspection Program