Economic Development Division

If you're starting a new business or expanding one, finding a "business friendly" location isn't enough. For long-term success, you don't need a friend; you need a partner.

Economic development is more than just infrastructure, jobs, and buildings. It is a pathway to self-sufficient neighborhoods and a fiscally sound City. As the economy continues to improve in the coming years, it is essential that Hayward is recognized for its assets and is known as a welcoming and effective city in which to conduct business, where staff understands and respects the critical business elements of time and certainty.

Our mission is to:

  1. Ensure efficient and predictable business permitting processes;
  2. Create and sustain a safe, clean, green, and fiscally sound business environment that benefits residents, businesses, and the region;
  3. Promote Hayward for its central location, prime business sites, great climate, and excellent transportation, water, and public safety services; as well as for other strengths that distinguish Hayward from other municipalities, such as its international community, civic participation, and history;
  4. Actively recruit and retain businesses, especially supporting emerging sectors that create quality, good-paying jobs like biotech industries and food processing businesses;
  5. Foster an educated and job-ready local workforce by driving the improvement of the academic performance of Hayward students and by connecting businesses, learning institutions, and community agencies.