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Welcome to the Housing Division.The Housing Division’s goal is to provide affordable housing opportunities for City of Hayward residents.

Free Educational Workshops Explaining the New Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO)

There are workshops for tenants and workshops for landlords. Click on the links below to register today!

For Tenants

July 24, 2019              August 1, 2019

For Landlords

July 31, 2019              August 8, 2019


June 25, 2019: Emergency Ordinance Establishes a Temporary Moratorium on Rent Increases Exceeding Five Percent (5%)

The Hayward City Council passes an emergency ordinance to place a temporary moratorum on rent increases exceeding five percent (5%) of current rent on all pre-1979 units except single family homes and condominiums. 

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June 25, 2019: New Residential Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection Ordinance Passes in City of Hayward

The City of Hayward adopts a new Residential Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection Ordinance (RRSO) to create a comprehensive set of rental housing policies to help prevent displacement of Hayward residents. The new RRSO establishes a rent increase threshold of five percent (5%) annually and creates a process for evaluating rent increases above 5%. Additionally, the new ordinance includes provisions that: 

  • require landlords to file rent increase and termination of tenancy (eviction) notices with the City of Hayward
  • help protect people who receive rental assistance from discrimination
  • sets specific guidelines and reasons as to when a landlord can lawfully evict a tenant
  • protects tenants against retaliation by landlords for exercising their right under the ordinance.

The Ordinance will become effective on July 25, 2019. 

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An un-codified copy of the Residential Rent Stabiliziation and Tenant Protection Ordinance (RRSO) is available on the City of Hayward Municipal Code website. Updating the municipal code document takes a little time but the codified version should be available soon. 

Municipal Code